ERCOT 4CP Advisory Service

Thomas Engineering is helping businesses manage the increasing cost of energy by helping them understand 4CP (Four Coincident Peak) charges and forecast events. Business that understand how 4CP charges are calculated and anticipate peak events will save a significant amount of money on their energy bills by monitoring and controlling demand activities. Reducing the energy consumption during the 4CP measurement time of the day and on the right days, you will save money for the entire next year when the new 4CP readings go in effect. Business owners want their energy consumption to be as low as possible when the power grid hits its peak. Altering scheduled maintenance periods, coordination of shift changes, reducing or even halting the use of non-critical loads, or taking any number of other actions that reduce consumption during critical periods when energy peaks are monitored, will help businesses reap the benefits of lower energy bills all year long.

The Thomas Engineering ERCOT 4CP Advisory Service offers:

  • 19 years of experience

  • Daily publication mailed weekdays before 8:30 AM

  • Detailed summary with accurate projections

  • Access to online dashboard

    • Realtime demand graphs that can compare up to three historical days

    • Realtime temperature of major Texas cities

    • Downloadable data

  • Expert assistance

  • Sign up now for the 2024 ERCOT 4CP Season

4CP Advisory Service

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