Transmission/Distribution Service Provider Coordination

Transmission/distribution service providers (TDSPs) own or operate for compensation the equipment or facilities to transmit and/or distribute electricity in Texas. TDSPs are regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) and are required to provide non-discriminatory access to the power grid.

Each entity that operates as a transmission service provider (TSP) or distribution service provider (DSP) within the ERCOT region, including municipally owned utilities (MOUs) and electric cooperatives, shall register with ERCOT as a TSP, DSP or both as applicable. Any DSP operating only outside of the ERCOT region but within Texas (“non-ERCOT DSP”) shall also register as a DSP, but non-ERCOT DSPs are not required to comply with sections of the protocols that relate only to operations within the ERCOT region.

Thomas Engineering, Inc. will help you understand the electric power grid in Texas, and will work to coordinate agreements with transmission and distribution services that are beneficial to your business model.

Transmission/Distribution Service Provider Coordination

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